David Hodge

AP Physics/Chemistry/Math Instructor; Academic Excellence Coach

B.S., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, B.S.University of Arizona (1992-1997)
M.S., Ph.D.(candidate), Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley (1997-2005)

Academic background


Personal development is a process that occurs at every stage of one’s life and allows one to realize a potential that arises within the heart of our boldest dreams. Tutoring offers a profound level of engagement, wherein both the student and the tutor define and refine goals along their pursuit of excellence. I agree with Howard Gardner’s conclusion that there are multiple learning styles, yet seek to define an accurate means to appeal to a student’s learning style in a manner which enhances and maximizes their learning capacity. My experience as a tutor began at an early age, and continued both through my undergraduate career at the University of Arizona and subsequently during my tenure at the University of California, Berkeley. Learning is by no means new, but rather a continual progression about a canonical idea that creates harmony among all of our experiences. In the end, we attain a heightened level of preparedness, a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and a functional understanding which affords us the ability to masterfully operate within our field of expertise.





  • Super Academics
  • AP Physics Preparation
  • AP Chemistry Preparation
  • Mathematics Mastery

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Office: 8375 W. Flamingo Rd, Ste 101

Las Vegas, NV 89147 [In the Juliet Bldg near DMV/Cimarron]
Email: mind_scope@ymail.com
Office Phone: (702) 690-6153


National Medal of Excellence in Science and Technology

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