June 12, 11:00 pm

ACT Spring Semester Classes (January-May) or Summer ACT/PSAT/SAT workshops (Daily sessions for three weeks during the summer) are enrolling now.

High performance on standardized tests (SAT/ACT/PSAT) requires a focused approach to learning the test material in order to produce intended results.

At ACS, we take pride in providing affordable comprehensive SAT/ACT/PSAT preparation with both group & individual instruction for these tests.

Our sessions typically run 90-120 minutes, two-three times per week during the school year. During summers, students join us for three hours per day, five days a week, for three weeks (June, July) and for review sessions September-November.

We will cover all sections of both tests, first the ACT and then the SAT. While the tests are similar, the two exams are distinctly different in style and approach. Therefore, we explore with students which test is best for their particular learning style and potential success. 


Plenty of test materials are available for free online. If students are able to complete their test preparation alone and online, they can do so and yield positive results.

At ACS, we are teachers and educators. Our expertise is in determining what students need in order to succeed on these standardized tests. This means that we will go well beyond simply taking practice tests. We require students to LEARN the academic material tested, THINK through the problem-solving process, and EXECUTE their strategies to answer quickly and competently. This process takes time and effort on both the students' and instructors' parts. We assign homework; we assign additional reading; we will call on students in class to explain their answers and thinking processes. All of these efforts will help the student learn more effectively and perform better on the ACT or SAT (PSAT) tests.

Did you notice the READING requirements? The ACT and SAT are READING tests. If the student is a slow or ineffective reader, these tests become more difficult. Therefore, we work heavily on READING speed, comprehension and reading strategies in our program. Students and parents must accept this requirement (when necessary) as part of our program. Again, free resources are available for test prep if one does not wish to read more 

Some of our services do require a fee. Colleges and universities require a fee. Higher test scores can lead to scholarships and grants that lower these fees. If you wish to explore the internet, you will find test prep fees in the $4000-$6000 range. Our fees are much lower. We have now partnered with a number of low-middle income, first generation programs where we offer free/reduced fees. We also offer reduced rates for teachers, school employees, and some others; however, please be prepared to share income information with us to receive these benefits.

Finally, we make no claims regarding test scores nor do we publish our students' results. Our program works for many, but not all, students. Highly motivated students who expect to be challenged will be most comfortable in our program. While many of our students seek admission to the most selective universities, which means their scores must be in the top percentiles, we work with any student who wishes to achieve. Our target scores on the ACT are 30+ on each section and on the SAT 650+ on each of the Verbal or Math sections. [Of course, higher scores will be helpful to many students seeking admissions to the Ivies or other elite institutions.] Our only guarantee is that students are much smarter after working with us than they were before joining us. More importantly, since our staff is well educated, we KNOW what students need beyond test scores to gain admissions or secure scholarships to the best colleges and programs. After 28 successful years in college admissions prep, I know we can help almost any motivated student improve on his or her results. 

Thank you for your consideration. We hope to see you soon!


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