Marcello Coluccio

Editor; Instructor of Reading, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT

Marcello Coluccio is a graduate from the University of Southern California working as an editor and private instructor for Academic Coaching Services since 2010. 

I am a firm believer in teaching students how to think.

Too often I see tutors who will simply show a student how to answer a question without challenging that student to think and come to an answer themselves. Any question or problem can be made to seem easy when it’s done for you, but this method of coaching will not create an intelligent, more capable student.

I prefer to challenge my students by asking them questions and leading them towards their own solutions--one step at a time--and informing them when necessary.

I also explain why. In education, there is a culture of memorization. Students memorize mathematical laws or historical facts without a firm understanding of why that law exists or why that historical event came to pass. I’ve always found that by explaining the why behind the who, what, and when, students actually learn the material.

Some students find my methods a little difficult or frustrating at first because they want to be told. Learning seems easier when you’re given the answer without being challenged to think and work for that answer. But I don’t believe it is an instructor's job to simply be a student's crutch. We are here to help these students walk on their own.

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