Stan Schoener

Associate/Math Teacher

B.S., USAF Academy

M.S. Business & Personnel Management, Central Michigan University

M.S. Education, New England University

My goal is to help the student develop a perspective that allows him/her to reduce a complex problem into its basic components.  I continually reiterate the importance of drawing pictures and applying pure and simple common sense when evaluating a question.  Once the student simply reads the question and applies these principles, Math becomes a lot easier.  Over the years, I have been able to develop a teaching strategy that allows a student to reason formulaically.  By starting with the formula, a student gains an understanding of its basic components. 

Prior to teaching, I spent over 20 years flying for the USAF.  The discipline and organizational skills proved to be invaluable in the teaching profession.  As I teach, I try to impart these qualities upon my students.  I make sure to remain readily available for my students and make sure they are aware of this fact.  Additionally, I have over 20 years of teaching experience in the Clark County School District and seek to progress a student beyond what is generally taught in school.  My students develop a practical approach to mathematics, learn how to apply deductive reasoning and see the math for its beauty.  I help my students think outside of general constraints and gain the ability to independently solve problems.


Contact information

Office Phone: 702.808.8017