All students must purchase and bring to class a copy of David McCullough's John Adams. This excellent biography will provide the additional reading support we require for the students in our program. Additional books will be suggested during the course.Read more


In the hope of preparing young minds for Science Technology Engineering and Mechanics (STEM) careers, we introduce the weekly Physics Round Table.  I invite you to join Instructor David Hodge as we embark on a journey to learn of things both great and small.  Our primary goal is to provide… Read more

We can work with most sports' and activity schedules for busy students. Individualized sessions are available from 12:00-8:00 pm, Mondays-Thursdays. Weekend session times available and will vary according to students' needs. Students typically meet at least 3-4 hours per week with their… Read more

Advanced reading seminar for students pursuing selective college admissions. We read books, poetry, articles on current events, and philosophers; then we discuss. Students learn how to form proper arguments based upon well--reasoned ideas and perspectives. Differences in opinions are allowed and… Read more

Contrary to popular belief, I view the subject of mathematics as an integrated field encompassing qualities of language, logic and history.  My principal goal is to see a student develop an understanding of mathematics that embodies its simplicity and unparalleled exactness.  It is imperative… Read more

AP Physics 1 & 2:  Introduction

AP Physics Introduction is a one-week course that provides an early introduction to Advanced Placement Physics.  The goal of the course is to equip students with the necessary problem-solving skills for mastering Physics without… Read more


At ACS, we prepare students for college work by teaching advanced math skills. Our teachers ensure that difficult concepts are broken down and understood. For students who have fears about math or who need to polish up on weak areas, our teaching can inspire students to excel when previously… Read more


The ACS entry-level reading enrichment program consists of five main elements: outside reading, outside essay writing (based on readings), in-class reading, in-class analysis of text, and in-class essay review.