Mathematics instruction includes all subjects from Pre-Algebra through Calculus 2 (including Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Trigonometry). AP Calculus & SAT 2 subject test prep.

Contrary to popular belief, I view the subject of mathematics as an integrated field encompassing qualities of language, logic and history.  My principal goal is to see a student develop an understanding of mathematics that embodies its simplicity and unparalleled exactness.  It is imperative that a student is reassured that mathematics can be approached from multiple perspectives.  I prefer to assist a student in initially grasping the conceptual idea of mathematical concepts and subsequently learning its operations on a mechanistic level.  Hence, a student is able to understand "what and why" they are learning and then "how" to actually do the math.  I consider this paramount in education as it allows for a student to see mathematics as an empowering tool to both understand and influence the world in which we exist.  Mathematics acts as the doorway which allows a student to master the fundamentals necessary for the advanced sciences and engineering.