Most Selective Colleges and Universities are once again requiring applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores as part of their admissions file. Academic Coaching Services Foundation will be offering summer college & test prep workshops this summer for students who would like to prepare for the ACT, PSAT or SAT. Summer classes will run from July 8-25, Monday-Friday, 12:00-3:00pm or 4:00-7:00pm. Discounted or no-cost seats are available for low-middle income familes. [Income limits may apply.]

Summer & Fall 2024 PSAT/ACT Course, Las Vegas/Henderson, NV

Whether you are preparing for your first PSAT/SAT or ACT working to distinguish yourself as a National Merit Scholar, or striving to obtain higher scores to improve admissions to your colleges of choice, we are here to assist you! Test preparation is a crucial indicator of how well you have mastered key academic and reasoning skills during high school. Our program resonates with students because we foster a belief in one's ability to learn, adapt, and apply effective strategies for testing success.

ACS Updates June 2024: What does "test optional" really mean for college admissions?

Much of the college admissions landscape has changed this year, and as rising seniors continue their college admissions journey, we here at Academic Coaching Services want to support your family. 

Many have asked about the state of college admissions testing, especially since many colleges and universities have already announced that "test optional" policies for the upcoming admissions cycle (2024-2025) will be rescinded. What effect will this policy have on one's admissions decision? Should I continue to take the ACT or SAT?  YES!