Physics Roundtable prepares students for advanced studies in Physics (AP, IB,) and for achievement on exams-- standardized tests (AP, IB SAT 2 Subject Test).

ACS Physics Roundtable

In the hope of preparing young minds for Science Technology Engineering and Mechanics (STEM) careers, we introduce the weekly Physics Round Table.  I invite you to join Instructor David Hodge as we embark on a journey to learn of things both great and small.  Our primary goal is to provide students with a functional method for evaluating a complex subject:  Physics.  With this goal in mind, students will acquire strategies to rapidly master the material in preparation for both the AP exam and the SAT II Subject test in Physics.  On a weekly basis, we will meet as a group and discuss Physics topics pertinent to the standardized exams.  The discussing will take place in a manner where we will learn problem-solving strategies and consider the contextual applications of Physics formulae.  Moreover, we will discuss the implications of these formulae on a grand scale and how to relate the way Physics utilizes mathematics as a modeling tool.  In such, a student learns how to experimentally apply the Scientific Method.  Additionally, students will be given diagnostic exams to ascertain their present level of understanding and determine any deficiencies/inconsistencies in their logic.  Practice material and resources will be provided to correct (supplement) any deficiency/inconsistency.  Overall, the student receives an enriching experience that will provide them the necessary tools to excel in high school, college and beyond.

A full course description is available for download below.