January 14, 10:00 pm
College Planning, Applications & Essays Review
Selective College Admissions Begins Here!

ACS College Prep

Comprehensive program to assist students and parents with implementing an effective strategy for college admission and with completing 8-12 college applications as needed; this program includes all planning meetings with students and parents, college research guidance, a critique and review of all college essays/applications written by student, and assistance with completing financial aid and scholarship applications  (i.e. FAFSA, CSS Profile). Students typically begin this program the spring or summer before junior year and complete research activities through summer and fall of the senior year. Applications are submitted during the fall semester of senior year. This program continues through the student’s high school graduation. We can assist with the student's first year college schedule, housing application, and all other college registration activities. During college, we assist the student with course planning for medical, law, business and/or graduate school. ACS is your family's one-stop for all activities related to college admissions. 

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Email: academicoaching@yahoo.com
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