The power of Physics resides in its ability to answer the questions of how and why?  Physics first introduces a paradigm for evaluating changes in a particle’s motion and energy in the macroscopic world and continues to explain how these events take place on the atomic scale.  From this vantage point, we discover how a particle’s motion and interaction become more influenced by its innate wave behavior.  As we encounter Thermodynamics, we learn of the permanence of energy and how to quantitatively characterize its transitions.  Physics provides a clear, comprehensive view of the universe and a means to understand its mechanistic underpinnings.

    Plasma Physics

    AP Physics 1 & 2:  Introduction

    AP Physics Introduction is a one-week course that provides an early introduction to Advanced Placement Physics.  The goal of the course is to equip students with the necessary problem-solving skills for mastering Physics without being encumbered by the inherent complexities of the subject.  Primarily, the course will ensure that a student knows HOW to:

    1. Efficiently read a textbook in a manner which will allow both a rapid assessment of the topic and an in-depth understanding of how to solve actual problems.  
    2. Apply mathematics to problems.
    3. Evaluate problems using the Scientific Method and how this process now governs scientific logic and reasoning.
    4. Solve a problem and develop mechanistic links between topics in Physics.
    5. Self-motivate and truly appreciate the wonder of Physics.