Super Academics Early Preparation Program

David Hodge


 The Super Academics program was conceived to redesign how we educate our children.  The coming generations will bear the responsibility of righting our wrongs in society/environment.  Our greatest challenge to overcoming the present complexity of our societal/environmental problems is the lack of our ability to define efficient and organized approaches to problem solving.  Super Academics strives to develop a student’s innate abilities and provide them with working models for problem solving.  The focal points are grammar, reading, vocabulary, arithmetic, complex algebra and written expression.  Furthermore, these methods are presented early in the student’s academic career in an efficient and confidence-building environment.  As a result, a student learns how to appreciate and enjoy academic exploration while being equipped with the skills to succeed. 


The goal of Super academics is to maximize a student’s educational efficiency and achieve maximal preparation by removing barriers to academic mastery.  By strengthening essential analytical, mathematical, verbal and logical abilities, Super academics seeks to enhance a student’s educational experience and assist them in achieving the heights of their academic potential.  


Super academics achieves the goal of removing academic barriers by:

>Preparing students to excel on the ACT (above 30) and the SAT (1400 and beyond).

>Instilling within our students both mastery and a sense of appreciation for mathematical analysis and structured problem-solving skills.

>Assuring all students the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to achieve advanced college preparation.


 The primary focal points of Super academics are as follows:


  1. English and Grammar preparation
  2. Vocabulary preparation
  3. Reading Skills mastery
  4. Mathematics (including Pre-algebra and Algebra)
  5. Writing 

Scientific Progress and Enlightenment

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