World Engagement Leader

"When my sophomore year of high school quickly rolled around, my family and I weren't sure how to start the application process. We desperately needed guidance on out-of-state colleges, financial aid, and scholarship applications. The extensive time and care Mr. Coakley took to work with me on every single essay and application set me far ahead of my peers in preparation. I was accepted to 8 out of 10 top undergraduate colleges I applied to and finally decided to attend Boston University (on scholarship). After graduating a year early from my Bachelors degree, I spent time working and traveling throughout Africa before returning to Washington D.C. for work. ACS, once again, helped me complete my graduate school applications; Mr. Coakley even contributed a valuable reference to my applications. Once again, I was accepted into 7 of the 9 Masters programs I applied to, both in the U.S. and abroad! Over the next two years, I completed my Masters in Public Health at The George Washington University and joined Mr. Coakley as a graduate assistant each time I visited my family in Las Vegas. I was more than happy to share my college experiences with younger students and help the next generation of students with their applications. I finished my thesis while working for the U.S. Government and moved to Southern California, where I now work full-time in the private sector and visit ACS as often as I can. Fourteen years have passed since I first walked into ACS, but the academic foundation I received from Mr. Coakley has continuously proven successful in each step of my career. I continue to work with Mr. C for projects around Las Vegas. I highly recommend ACS to very family and student even considering college!"

Michelle (Brinlee) Van Der Enden
B.A. International Relations, 2007, Boston University
MPH. Global Health, 2010, The George Washington University, School of Public Health and Health Services