Army, Engineering, & Fitness for a Lifestyle

"When I was about to enter high school, I realized that I had little direction and that school alone wouldn’t be enough to reach my highest potential. I met with Mr. Coakley at ACS and immediately had faith that he could help me not only achieve my goals but also uncover what potential goals might be. I believe ACS is the reason I attended a top ten university and also earn a four-year military scholarship. Thank you, Mr. Coakley for all you have done for me. I will always remember your intellectual guidance, dedication to helping me succeed, and genuine concern for my future."

Engineering Mgt for Life

"I can honestly say that the environment Mr. Coakley created in his courses were some of the most intense learning experiences that I have faced throughout all of my schooling.  The intimate class sizes of 6 to 8 students always allowed for personal interaction with all of his students. He also had an uncanny ability to help us think about and tackle problems in a new way. He also constantly challenged us to better ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

Harvard and Beyond

"The college admission process is more competitive than ever. Whenever family friends ask for advice on how to earn admission to a top university, without hesitation, I suggest that they take time to speak with my mentor and friend, Mr. Clarence Coakley. Many college counselors can give general advice for SAT preparation and college selection, but what truly separates Mr. Coakley is his ability and unwavering commitment to give personal, specialized guidance for each of his students. As his student, I was pushed hard to work harder, and think deeper.