In the hope of preparing young minds for Science Technology Engineering and Mechanics (STEM) careers, we introduce the weekly Physics Round Table.  I invite you to join Instructor David Hodge as we embark on a journey to learn of things both great and small.  Our primary goal is to provide students with a functional method for evaluating a complex subject:  Physics.  With this goal in mind, students will acquire strategies to rapidly master the material in preparation for both the AP exam and the SAT II Subject test in Physics.  On a weekly basis, we will meet as a group and discuss Physics


Academic Coaching Services (ACS) Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing financial assistance for supplemental, academic preparation to Nevada students who seek admissions to selective colleges and universities or university honors programs throughout the nation.


2019 Harvard, UPenn, Duke Law far

"I owe much gratitude to ACS for the knowledge and guidance they provided me. Mr. Coakley's assistance not only helped me gain admission to school and secure jobs, but it made me a better writer and thinker. Most importantly, however, Mr. Coakley was a mentor--whether for career advice, financial planning, or academic guidance, Mr. Coakley was always free for a call when I needed it. Especially for these reasons, I recommend emphatically that students begin soon to develop a relationship with Mr. Coakley and ACS ."