College Prep Programs & Services


Our comprehensive Test Prep workshops are held during Spring semester (January-May) or Summer Sessions (three weeks in July or August). These workshops will increase the student's knowledge of the academic material covered on college admissions tests and develop the critical thinking, reading, and test-taking skills needed to achieve higher scores. Additionally, guest speakers from various colleges and universities may be available to offer additional insights and instruction. Homework will be assigned and required. Additionally, all students must purchase and bring to class a copy of David McCullough's John Adams. This excellent biography will provide the additional reading support we require for the students in our program.


This comprehensive program is intended to assist students and parents with implementing an effective strategy for college or graduate school admissions and with completing 6-12 college applications as needed; this program includes a critique and review of all college essays & applications written by the student.


This program is specifically designed for high-achieving students entering their junior year in high school. Students desiring admissions to the most highly selective colleges complete a rigorous academic enrichment program to prepare for selective college admissions. Typical students in this program are most interested in competing for National Merit Scholarships. This course includes four-six hours per week of on-going test prep, advanced writing and research. Specifically, this program includes: PSAT/SAT preparation; college planning; academic enrichment—critical reading and writing; and vocabulary development.  Advanced sophomore students may be considered for this invitation-only program. Participants in this program typically enter top-tier colleges, universities, or military academies.


Hourly consultations are available for students, parents, and legal or educational professionals on Academic Planning, College and Career Planning; AD/HD programming including 504 and I.E.P. development; or legal issues regarding educational placements or curriculums.