College Essay Development

The personal essays are instrumental now more than ever.  If all grades and scores are equal among Selective College candidates, a student's essays need to lift the application to the top of a large stack. As mentioned earlier, most of the students in the applicant pool could easily complete the curriculum at a Selective College.  With so many qualified candidates, the admissions office seeks to select not only a well-qualified pool of students for entry but also a diverse, vibrant population. No college wants to have on its campus a community of clones.  Selective Colleges seek students who possess a variety of opinions, hobbies, academic and personal interests, and ambitions.  Therefore, the point of your essays is to provide the college with the information that describes your uniqueness and your interesting, vibrant, or exciting personality.

The personal essays will be a positive affirmation of your ideas, interests and talents. This discussion will not be a historical account of your life, but rather a discussion of how the past supports your future vision. You may be asked to divulge personal thoughts, ideas, and most importantly, the source of your passions. The essays offer students the opportunity to reveal their intelligence, humor, and personal strengths in each individual’s own unique style. 

To summarize:


  • A applicant's most important intellectual and personal qualities.
  • An applicant's strongest goals and motivations.
  • The reasons why the college to which one applies fits well with the applicant's personality.
  • The applicant's ability to reason and write clearly and effectively.

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